Metal Roofing Systems

Metal roofs are often specified by contractors, engineers, and architects, because they are lightweight, durable, and relatively easy and inexpensive to install.  However, they have one major weakness - the seams on metal roofs are often areas where leakage begins.  Rust, corrosion, deterioration of fasteners, and structural settling are usually the culprits.Scarborough Construction, Inc. has a system designed specifically to prevent these leaks.  We have a unique combination of acrylic base coat, flexible polyester fabric, and white reflective top coat. This system provides a durable, waterproof finish that will solve your metal roof problems.


Polyurethane Foam Roofing Systems

Our polyurethane foam roofing system is a closed cell, monolithic foam.  As it is sprayed in place, the foam bonds to the substrate and becomes part of the structure.  Forming a thick, seamless barrier, polyurethane foam seals penetrations, voids and junctions.  Manufactured in a variety of densities, polyurethane foam is easily applied to roofs of any shape, size or slope.

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